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Bengaluru, KA, India / Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Remote
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B2B, Retail
Zoko makes it easy for businesses, to do Sales, Marketing and Customer Support on WhatsApp. There are 100 million merchants worldwide, already using WhatsApp for their businesses. The founders started off with an ecommerce business, entirely on WhatsApp, which grew to a customer base of 200K followers who would make purchases after seeing their weekly WhatsApp updates. Other businesses started reaching out to them, offering to pay for their "WhatsApp sales tools". That was the Aha moment! The founders realized that selling these tools to other businesses, was the way to go. In fact, 175 million people message a business on WhatsApp everyday. Even Amazon can't beat that! There is a dire need for tools that allow businesses to use WhatsApp effectively as a channel to sell online. The market size for ecommerce on WhatsApp is estimated be north of $50B/year. WhatsApp is the internet of the #nextbillion and Zoko plans to become the Shopify for merchants, selling on WhatsApp.


A list of all active founders
Arjun Paul
Aromal Sivadasan